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We offer specialist business insurance to contractors, consultants, professionals, advisors and SMEs.

Professional indemnity

This provides you financial protection from alleged negligence or failure to deliver a service as promised.

Public liability

Protects you from any injury to clients or third parties or damage to their property caused by you, or your alleged negligence.

Employers liability

Covers you when you have staff and they are injured in the course of business for which you are alleged negligent.

Directors and office liability

Referred to as D&O, covers individuals who are in senior leadership or board members who could be personally pursued for their actions whilst serving the business.

Personal accident insurance

Will pay a benefit if someone working for the business suffers an accident resulting in loss of sight, hearing, speech or a limb, death or leaving them disabled and permanently unable to work.

Cyber insurance

Will help protect you in the event of a malicious attack on your systems or data. Also assists in minimising disruption to your business and covers financial costs involved in recovering from a cyber attack.

Portable equipment insurance

Covers portable items that are used for your trade or profession, this could be a laptop, phone, camera, scientific instrument or measuring device.

Who is business insurance for?

If your business deals with clients, contractors, suppliers or members of the public, business insurance is designed to protect you against compensations claims for Injury, property damage, financial loss also provide legal assistance to defend claims.

Jasmine Reema

Limited company director

Professional indemnity : £1,000,000

The scenarioA project is significantly delayed due to mis-communication between the project manager and the senior executives of the company.

The outcome"Our policy covered the costs of rectifying the issue and any legal costs involved."

Some professions are likely to require professional indemnity insurance due to their respective governing bodies:

Accountants / Financial Consultants / Surveyors / Engineers and Healthcare professionals.

Creative XYZ Limited

Small medium enterprise

Employers liability : £10,000,000

The scenario"An employee went on to a clients site without correct PPE. They were subsequently injured whilst working".

The outcome"The employee injury and rehabilitation claims was dealt with by the insurer and our process changed to prevent this happening again"

Employers Liability is a legal requirement for most businesses that employ at least 1 member of staff.

Consultancy house / Software development house / Creative agencise / Startups / Tech companies / Legal firm

Sarah Watkins

Sole trader, Freelancer

Public liability : £1,000,000

The scenario"I had a meeting with my client in our office space. The client tripped over and injured his wrist."

The outcome"The injury and rehabilitation claims was dealt with by the insurer and our process changed to prevent this happening again"

Other professsions that often need public liability insurance:

Management consultant / IT contractor / Engineering contractor / Fitness professionals / Photographers / Teacher/tutor

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